Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feedback to feedback

Thanks for all the feedback about this blog. I've received comments mostly about the design of the blog, that red doesn't suit me or whatnot. Or that my content is kinda backdated.

It's quite difficult (and boring) for me and me alone to try to go head-on and create a blog that talks about the same stuff that big sites like Kotaku or Gamasutra talks about. For anime blogs, it was NEVER my intention to make anything like Sankaku Complex. Although I try to make it a gaming/anime blog, it is essentially a blog which contents are heavily focused on my own comments and opinions about stuff I see about gaming/anime.

In other words, this blog is not trying to mimic Kotaku or Gamespot. It is still my blog, take out all the random stuff I wrote on my previous blog which only like 5% of the viewers can relate to, and which I can't even remember what I blogged, turn it into something that I am interested in so that I can actually have motivation to blog about. Last time I HAVE to force myself to blog. If you remember my old blog, it has quite a few post that goes like "Back after a long absence", which is kinda pointless and annoying. It breaks the flow and the consistency of the blog.

Did I take out all my old blog post? No. I still left the rather good ones which others can still relate to. Most of my old post mentions several people which I did not even give a brief description of. Worse, I mentioned them in their initials (like YH). I still intent to make such post, just try to make it relevant and worth blogging, and make it more pleasant to read. People read to get information, not to get disconnected and confused by the content. I vetted every single darn post (there's like 200 of them) to decide if people outside my circle of friends have an idea what's going on.

Hence I have reviews. It's the easiest medium bridge the gap between my comments, my interests and other people who are interested. However, due to my current situation and interest, I always dig out old games, or search for those REALLY REALLY old games (like NetHack or Dwarf Fortress).

I think that retro games have a certain complexity that our current generation of games could never have. The most newer generation of games have shown us about 'complexity' is being able to sandbox. You don't see RPGs nowadays having things like being hungry, thirsty, and shit happening (like really really shit happening). Yeah, I agree that's pretty hardcore to most people, but hey, it's fun. Those games give a long-forgotten perspective to gaming that newer generation of games don't have.

So I try to look around at weird places, get freeware games, old games, etc. If you wish for a whole writeup + reviews for newer games, I'd suggest you drop by GameSpot (I have it linked here at the sidebar :p) or other places like MegaCritic or Demonoid. There are tons of places that does it, and I'm not interested in fighting for a spot amongst them. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't play mainstream 3rd gen games. All I'm interested in offering are my very own opinions, unbiased to the media. I read of a couple of reviewers who got sacked because he gave a game some rather crappy score.

Also, there are a few reviews that I don't agree on like GameSpot giving GTA4 a 10/10. I think it's quite ridiculous because I don't even think it deserves an 8. Oblivion a 9/10? I don't think so...too many things that can be improved for that game like its contents.

So that's a full view of what NeetGeek is about. So on to the design.

I'm not a webpage designer, or any kind of designer. Most of my friends know what I do best is to copy something, take out anything I find to be worthless and add on some of what I think has worth. That's how I pretty much do everything in my life. That's the SAF way, my way, and it is a really good way.

So essentially, I can't really think out of anything out of the blue because thus far, I haven't studied (or rather, analyzed) all the random design stuff like colors-matching. All I have with me is to try to apply human psychology onto my website design (like where to place a navigation bar, etc). Right now I know NeetGeek doesn't really apply to that in various areas (like the navigation), because I suck at designing. I know where I want it, I just don't know how to go about putting it.

So why not use Dreamweaver? With time I could do trial and error and decide what's best for the blog. There are two reasons: I do NOT have the time and Blogger is a bitch. If I were using classic template, it would be fine and dandy, but I can't because of the advent of 'Widgets', I can't stay long with the classic template. Widgets are just too damn useful, so I have to switch to the new "Layout" based template.

The new template doesn't translate well with dreamweaver's design tab, mainly because they don't use conventional HTML methods. Tabs like [b:section] are not recognized. It's even worse because they replaced [style] with [b:skin]. The most I could do with DreamWeaver now is to change into [style], do my codes, and change it back...and imagine what my skin looks like with content because is not recognized on DreamWeaver and cannot place content on itself. So the best way is to edit on the blogger dashboard itself and preview my template like crazy, which uses up more time and effort. Not saying it can't be done, I just don't really feel like doing it now.

Thanks about it. Thanks for the feedback, I'll continuously try to work on them :)

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