Sunday, August 1, 2010

[Touhou] Labyrinth of Touhou, Rumia Boss Fight 4F

It's been a while, but here it is again! No more captions this time though, since I don't have time nor dedication to do them anymore, not even for 4 mins lol. This is the 2nd 'hard' fight in Labyrinth of Touhou which is Rumia herself. And she wants to eat Reimu for some weird reason (because she's red and white she said).

Again, this is best viewed in HD and widescreen, so have fun watching it! You can watch from here too but I doubt you can actually see the words...

Anyway, video description:

This is the 2nd boss fight in Labyrinth of Touhou and a lot easier compared to Youmu. Rumia has around 30k hp, very very good MAG DEF and a few annoying attacks. Characters are level 14-16, which I think is a little low/just right.

Audio Track:
PHOENIX Project - 妖魔夜行

--- boss details ---
Rumia has 3 attacks:
1) Moonlight Ray - This spell shouldn't dent anyone good decent MND. Even my Patchy laughs at it.

2) Dark Side of the Moon - This move shouldn't hurt as long as you have your defenses up

3) Demarcation - This is the move you should look out for. It debuffs your entire party HEAVILY and does some damage. If you are not careful, suddenly her Dark Side of the Moon will start to hurt, and it gets worse as she casts more and more of it.

--- General Strategy ---
Some as the youmu fight, except that Marisa is pretty much out of the picture due to Rumia's high defenses against MAG. You can still use Patchy as she has a spell that bypasses defenses.

Anyway, Great Hakurei Barrier, slows and hastes makes this fight less painful as Rumia gets less turns to do her debuff as compared to your party.

Remilia, Patchy and even Chen will be doing most of the damage in this fight.

Anyway, the idea is to rush this fight. The longer the fight drags, the worse it gets and it will get to the point where rumia's attacks can nearly wipe the party and you can't keep up with heals/buffs.

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