Saturday, August 21, 2010

Random update yet again!

Wow, it's so long since a random update (aka rant on IRL). It's been a month? Yeah sounds about right. Last rant was about how ironic my posts are? Really feels like ages ago. Oh look! 7 sentences about the same topic and getting nowhere! Might as well add one more!

It hasn't been the busiest of months. Well it actually is a little busy but I'm happy I got it all more or less covered. Digipen stuff is finally kicking in. 2 more weeks to hell! Am I looking forward? Hmm, why not! They just sent me this class registration thingy. Apparently I'm to take 4 semesters per year instead of the 3 that I thought. 4 semesters. Is that even possible? Anyway, I'm getting the matriculation card sometime this afternoon, maybe get a proper mouse for my com.

Speaking of mouses, I'm still using a ball mouse. Maybe that's why I'm doing quite good in Bad Company 2 and playing a little badly at Starcraft 2. At least when the ball gets stuck, I get the headshots I want because there is no movement once I got it right. Starcraft 2...well, I can't select the right units some times under high APM conditions (during fighters, harass, whatever).

Well I'm still stuck in Silver League. I'm finally getting some great win streaks now so hopefully I won't be there long. I have to admit that I just realized that I'm biting more than I can chew in SC2, going for advanced strats like 1/1/1 raven against Silver League players, when 2 racks fast ghost accomplishes so much more. Lesson is to learn 1 basic strategy, learn it good, learn it almost perfectly, and THEN switch to another strategy once you get used to it. Yeah, I realized that after like a hundred mindless games of not knowing what's going on.

Anyways, aside that lemme try to recap what happened this month. Sunday DND was mostly on hold due to...complications? Yeah I guess I can say that. Nothing serious, mostly schedule clashes. Hmm what else; Starcraft 2's release, random game testing sessions with GAMBIT, Friday arcading is still on, Digipen orientation done (worse orientation ever), THE Project is doing fine, had a couple of lunch/dinner/supper outings, NDP appreciation dinner...well I guess that covers everything. Nothing much to elaborate about.

So there isn't much to rant about, aside from the orientation, but then again I hated those kind of orientations. I'm amazed I even went for it but I shan't elaborate about it. It's just the same old ice breaker after ice breaker between a bunch of people, 80% of which we will never ever see until the day we graduate.

I really do hope I still have time to update this blog with content once school starts. It's really fun just ranting and typing out random articles during my free time. Reviews might start to get slow due to lack of play time, but more game specific articles might surface. I dunno. Time will tell I guess.

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