Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yay new mouse!

Since the day I bought and dragged my new com home 8 friggin' months ago at IT Fair at Expo, I have actually been playing games on a ball mouse. It has a model name: SAGM002, and after a bit of Googling, I found out that it's by this company called Sysgration. Not to say it's a bad mouse aside from its horribly sticky scroller though.

I hadn't really felt the need of a new mouse. The days when I played Bad Company 2 on it frequently, I mostly felt like I died because I deserve it instead of the mouse. Hey, maybe it's just BC2. Maybe if I played Modern Warfare 2, I'll think otherwise. Regardless, I can get headshots, turn 180 degrees quickly and still felt that I played pretty decently.

Then came Starcraft 2. Played at least a 100 games using the same ball mouse. At first it didn't matter, but when I slowly improved and fighting getting opponents, losing because you can't fire off an EMP where and when you want it to seriously bugs the hell out of me. What do you mean that I spent 15 mins to build up my army, expecting to collide into yours and LOSE because my mouse REFUSE to move to the right spot (there were 4 buddy-buddy templars groups together at the back).

These occurrence happened more frequently as I play. Suddenly while I'm working on codes, I realized that I was having difficulty SCROLLING to find a line of codes. Suddenly, I realized that I'm having problems HIGHLIGHTING a small amount text for replacing. Suddenly, I realized that the ball movement noises irked the hell out of me.

So I just decided to by a new friggin' mouse! So I shopped at Funan Challenger last Monday for a new mouse. I saw the selections and realized that I only know two brands of mouses thanks to being elitist/gamer: Logitech and Razer. The rest of the mouse are either too mobile-friendly (for laptops, ie they are really small and don't have the wire length), wireless (usually heavy, irritating to maintain and of course, lag), or suspicious (everything that's not Razer/Logitech, and as such making this long sentence irrelevant anyway).

I eyed at all the strange new Razer mouses. I wanted one that felt like good old Copperhead or Diamondback. Then I looked at the cheap $50 Abyssus. It looked incredibly suited for my needs but my elitist self just went "It's a cheap mouse!". Undecided and dejected, and convincing myself that TechDrome probably sells for cheaper, I headed to Sim Lim.

So I don't really know mouse stats that much. I called YH to ask if laser or infra-red actually means anything. The reason I was asking was because Abyssus is $50 infra-red 3500DPI and Copperhead is $90 laser 2000DPI, which didn't really make much sense to me other than 'laser is probably more expensive to produce, so actually Copperhead is extremely not worth it now since DPI is lesser and it costs more'.

I asked around the staff in the end. God I love TechDrome guys; they seem to know every shit there is to know in their store. I just told him "Actually, I'm looking for a mouse to upgrade from my BALL mouse" and they were like "Wuuuuuuuut??!" and started asking if I play FPS and stuff. I just said "No, I just want to play SC2 semi-seriously and the ball mouse almost killed me last game".

So this jolly big plump spectacled guy pointed at the $50 Abyssus and started throwing all kinds of information, most of which I don't really need to know in all due seriousness but my elitist self would just get high listening to. He could've just stopped at "Abyssus is good enough for RTS", but he went to add info like "Korean SC2 players are sponsored these in their tournaments", which should've made me go "Are you sure?" but instead I went "OMG IT'S MINE WHERE MY ATM CARD?!?".

So I picked it, he tried to tempt me into buying a SC2 mousepad which my elitist side actually lost (not a huge fan of SC2 story anyway, mostly a fan of it's mechanics). The friendly uncle gives me a good discount, which makes me wish (once again) that TechDrome should never fall.

I went home, coiled up the ball mouse that is SAGM002 and plugged in my brand new Abyssus. Wow, I suddenly felt POWER. All of a sudden, I felt I can accomplish anything and I can play any game. I didn't felt like this when I was using Copperhead. It's probably because I was using a ball mouse for so long and jumping to a 3500dpi Razer is such a huge huge huge step. I guess subconsciously, I really really missed using an actually good mouse.

And also, it's good having a glowing, stylish mouse on my computer again. Anyway, it's a great mouse, definitely more than you need as an RTS player. If you are looking for a good gaming mouse and don't need the extra buttons everywhere (gosh are people THAT lazy?), Abyssus is definately good bang for buck.

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