Thursday, August 5, 2010

Writeup: "Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty"

Like I said before, I'm not going to do a review of Starcraft 2, or any RTS ever, as I don't even explore the full game (single player, play 2v2 or whatever...only played 1v1 ladders). But I figured that after getting this game, it wouldn't do me, this blog, or the game itself justice.

Blizzard really outdid themselves. I'd always thought RTS' were a pain to balance. When Warcraft 3 first arrived, Humans had so much trouble against Night Elves that it's not funny. It didn't really even out until later on, the point where I considered to change my main race because everyone online plays Night Elves.

But Starcraft 2. I looked at videos, I lost a hell lot of my first game, and discovered that it's quite near balanced. Granted, Terran is a little overpowered as compared to Zerg, but it's not like Zerg can never win Terran. When I look at my replays, I mostly won because I out-macro'ed the opponent and vice versa. I scouted, built the right things, and pushed when I'm 90% sure of what he has can't beat me. Last game, my opponent and I reacted fine to each other, just that I have no idea why he has 2k minerals and not building zerglings for my marines to shoot at instead of the mutalisks. Anyway, you get the point.

But yes, Blizzard has came very close to balancing Starcraft 2 ON RELEASE. All those delays to polish the game were well-spent. Well, Blizzard was always like that but balancing an RTS seriously isn't easy.

Not only that, Blizzard still managed to capture the FEEL of SC1, and implemented it into SC2. Again, no small feat (Shoutout to RyuriaL for teaching me SC1 in camp. I would've be so lost in SC2). Walling is still a Terran staple. Zergling rush is still possible and good. Protoss is a little different; no more Dragoon mashing with 6 Gateways.

Then we come to the changes from SC1 to SC2.

Terran gained Marauders and lost the medic (MediVec is Starport tier), so their ground units are now meatier and more solid. Ghosts are now more usable as a unit due to their damage against Light Armor and EMP. Reapers are harass units and every Terran's favorite nowadays.

Zergs are still very vespane reliant. Speedlings are still pretty much owning. Hydras are replaced by Roaches. One big change is the banelines, suicide units of the zerg. They are like scourges that walk on the ground. Banelings, when used right, can easily screw up any infantry push.

Protoss, I feel, is the race that suffered the most changes. You no longer have the big Dragoon to answer everything. Protoss now requires you to have a good mix of units. Protoss, however, still does proxying the best. That's why scouting is so important against Protoss. If you find their base rather empty, be prepared for a surprise.

Anywhere's, here's a vid of what a higher level play looks like:

So that's my short overview of Starcraft 2 on its release. My IGN is Faylar, character code 690. However, I'm on SEA version so you might not be able to add... Anyway, if you wish to have a friendly 1v1 with me, feel free to add and message me. I'm still very scrubby with APM at 50, constantly forgetting to put supplys, constantly forgetting to build more SCVs and constantly forgetting that I have a bunch of idle guys not doing anything after building their stuff.

I'm still losing mostly, especially to people who have obviously played beta (yes even in Silver League), but I'm still trying to improve. SC2 is a great game. Not really sure if it's really worth S$99 but I can tell you it's great fun out there, even thought my version is SEA editon (sorry guys from elsewhere).

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