Monday, November 24, 2014


Well, I'm back from Japan. What can I say? I have done all I could over there and it has been a blast! This trip could not have been more perfect.

During my trip, I:
  • Met up with colleagues and friends training over there.
  • Obtained a bunch of goodies I order from a good friend staying there! (Hello Kitty Rurounin Kenshin!)
  • Went to Artnia!
  • Went to Capcom Bar
  • Went to FF14 Bar
  • Met up with cousin for a few drinks
  • Card hunting
  • Loitered Akiba for 4-5 days
  • 2nd hand game hunting
  • Ate takoyaki!
  • Completed my japanese homework
  • Finally got to Code 8 in Freedom Wars
  • Ate at Musashiya,  probably the best ramen I ever ate.
  • Went for Minorin's birthday concert!!!
  • Missed a flight
Probably the best holiday I ever had in my life. It is difficult to write a verbal vomit of rainbows over each an every thing that happened there because I'm a little busy now...maybe I'll do so in the future when I'm recounting?  *shrug*

I wonder if my future holidays can top this one? Only time will tell I guess. And here I am already preparing for the next trip! ^_^





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