Saturday, December 5, 2009

All in a day's life

Here I am, blogging my friday night away in camp. I swear the ops room I'm in is haunted, not that it really bothers me that much; I'm too tired to care.

The duty forecast came out and it looks like I'm going to have my 1/1/10 eaten up. All's well though, I still get a day off for that, and if I'm lucky, I can deny the New Year Eve off and net me 2 off days instead.

I've been quite busy the last couple of weekends, with AFA, the arrival of BBCS, the financial planning for the upcoming Haruhi WS deck, and trying out japaense mahjong (it's really fun) and carrying my new $1300 desktop home from expo. I still can't believe how cheap coms are these days; my 3 year old $2000 LGR1 laptop that can't even run Oblivion when I got it, and can barely run anything without overheating now (with 2 external fans below btw).

*sigh* A new com after like 3-4 years. This means, 3-4 years of PC games to catch up with (dates back to games like Titanquest). It also solves my Starcraft 2 problems and all the MMO demos I need to try. I have so many games I want to play for a long time: NWN2, The Witcher, Bioshock which ZH passed to me AGES ago which I never got to play. Only problem now is time, which can only be solved 6 months from now T_T

Well 6 months is a short time, it's actually quite amazing to recount back what I've done in my NS phase so far. I've been through combat while being fit, combat while not being fit, coy level life, HQ level life, stay in, stay out, working from home, spending 90% of my time in bunk life, spending 90% of my time in office life, turned ops life, UIP life, a bit of driver's life, etc. I'm glad to have met many fun people to work with and share our experiences as I jump from camp to camp.

Anyway, continuing on before I go off-topic (which is having a topic). Either I'm physically exhausted because of all these events, or simply because I'm ill. The non-stop intake of coke over the past weekends does not help. The flu and sore throat combo is coming back. I even got the permission to rest a whole morning away.

Speaking of backs, my back has been doing okay so far, since I haven't really been doing anything strenous. Lugging my com from expo to tampines was a pain though. Whether my conditions improve or not, I couldn't really tell, but I always have a cute physiotherapist I can consult though I do not know how long it will last :)

Onto this blog, I have given up on trying to organize all my posts into a nice page consisting of titles only. Most of the blogger widgets and solutions are mostly workarounds that will create problems under unforeseen circumstances. I guess if I wanted to really step it up in terms of layout and site organization, I'll have to get myself a server and learn some php (which I really don't mind tbh).

6 more months to ORD and I haven't really decided on what to do yet. I really want to get into a local U first and hopefully get a rather generalized degree, but that seems pretty hard due to my current GPA. I can always pursue music again, but that will really take lots of effort to pick up where I left off. I'll see how it goes then.

Current com specs:
GF GTX260 896MB DDR3
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400
Intel P45E Combo Mobo
Strontium RAM 2GB DDR2-800 x2
Blu-Ray reader
SpirePower Jewel 550W PSV
(full) Win 7 Home Premium

Looks like it can last a good 5 years or more if I'm lucky XD

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