Friday, December 11, 2009

Weiss Schwarz: Haruhi TD out in SG!

It was supposed to be a normal leave day: wait up late, play some PC games, go buy card protectors, go Bugis play Blazblue til midnight. It was supposed to be that way, until Joel called me up at 1230, telling me that the Haruhi TD arrives at 1400 at Rapid Culture @ Funan.

I immediately got up, changed, and got down to Funan as fast as I could (well not without the delays of my mum who already cooked my lunch), and managed to reach there at 1345. Needless to say, there is a delay; the cards didn't come in at 1400.

So Joel and I played a couple of games, me trying out a new phantom deck now that I bought a 2nd box. It still has the same problem I expected: not enough stock, but it cleared some of my doubt of what I want to improve the deck. I managed to beat his deck, but died to Nanoha trial deck due to horrible luck. I'm kinda surprised to see that the 0/0 2000 power Nanoha card (the suicide card) is actually a TD card though. Maybe I should check it out?

Also, lucky for me, this Saturday's Haruhi TD competition is down to the last and final slot! Woo! I gladly paid $5 and registered. Can't wait to see what the PR card is XD

Anyways, we got some snacks and ran through Joel's iTouch video collections until 1700, when the cards FINALLY arrived. We managed to grab a whole box set of 6, just to ensure that we obtain the solitary foil card. Joel opened his first TD box and the foil card was there (congrat btw :p). It was the "Itsumo no Haruhi to Mikuru" card. Somehow I was expecting that though lol. Too bad it wasn't the Yuki one, else I would really fight for it :p

We headed to Ishimura at Peace Center after some time and ate some curry rice (the curry rice there is great btw, I need to take a pic of it). Overall, I find the Haruhi TD very solid, espacially if you have 2 sets of TD, considering the really powerful cards only come in sets of 2 per TD set. Although some cards are quite bad ("Effect: If this card is in play, you cannot draw cards when you draw"), there are those with almost mind-blowing abilities (2/0 counter card, removes opponent's climax from climax area). Haruhi TD might actually be comparable to Phantom TD, but that's just my speculation.

I was honestly very happy holding the cards. I actually don't mind splurging my money on this Haruhi deck. Next objective: 2 Haruhi boxes due next year. I heard green is Tsuruya and yellow is Mikuru or Kyon. However, I can't be certain on that, but who cares, I'm getting them anyway ^_^

All hail Haruhism!

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