Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Haruhi boosters are out!

-updated from the old post now deleted, supposed to be dated yesterday 22/12/2009-

It was supposed to be a normal leave day, spending my time practicing piano at home, going out for driving lesson before heading to Bugis for some Blazblue, spending only 10 bucks before returning home for late dinner.

It's supposed to be normal at least, until I saw like 4 new messages on my handphone all spamming me the same "HARUHI BOOSTER IS OUT" from 3 different people >.<

I honestly didn't think I would spend 25 times of what I expected to (that's a whole $250 aka more than half my NSF pay). When I finally woke up at like 1pm, I kept telling myself "getting 1 box is enough...getting 1 box is enough..." only to pick up a phone call from Chin Yong asking me how many boxes I want to buy which I unwittingly answered "two". When he confirmed with me if I really wanted two, I just gave him a very confident "of course!".

Well it's a good thing I did. Chin Yong opened a few boosters for me at Ishimura (best curry rice offer btw) and landed me this RRR. Omg it feels so good to touch it >.< It costs 3500 yen btw and it's supposedly the most expensive card I have now.

I haven't opened up the rest of the boxes yet, so who knows what I'll get after this post. ^^

Also, my shipment of selected Phantom cards (+2 flonnes cards!) finally arrived to me in the hands of Karlson. Finally I have 4 flonnes ready to be placed in any red deck I have. It's been so long since I ordered those cards that I forgot I actually ordered some cheap yellows to help my deck >.<

Oh well, at least my leave is coming to an end so I can save some money staying in camp. Sunday Neo-Standard Haruhi tourney at Rapid Culture @ Funan! XD

Update: 2nd box got a yuki SR! XD

*sigh* need to spend more on card protectors and albums now >.<

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