Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Haruhi Movie? Really?

Remember how Kyoani joked during an interview? Saying: "If we were to create a Haruhi movie, I don't mind doing Endless Eight again?" incited the wrath and despair of many many fans, though it doesn't really affect me since I just like Haruhi. I just hoped it would be based on Disppearance of Haruhi, the only thing I would be REALLY REALLY hyped up about.

And then a miracle happened. I was pleasently surprised. Okay I lied. Omg I almost exploded in joy. This is what I've, we've, been waiting for for so long!

The movie, said to be 150mins long, will be based on Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, which many many fans including myself hoped and thought it would be the main book the second season will be based on, considering how much Yuki is involved in it XD

/otakumode on
Can you believe how much yuki is going to be inside?! It's going to be 150mins of yuki! Not just any Yuki! A shy Yuki! And a smiling Yuki! It's going to be overflowing with so much awesome and moe! And she's going to be wearing specs again! Arg it's going to be a whole show based on Yuki yuki and more yuki I just cannot wait for this movie sqeEelll!!~!!~!~! Yukiyukiyukiyuki!13311!!
/otakumode off

Sorry I had to do that. My inner otaku is practically screaming in glee. I just hope that it would turn out good. What am I talking about. It's definately good! It's Haruhi! How can they screw it up? Endless Eight is good (from a certain angle) dammit, so stop whining everyone! Give the animation studio another chance! Remember why you loved Haruhi!

Movie releases in two months. I just can't wait zomg! XD
Let the Yukisim spread once again! :)

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