Monday, January 25, 2010

Back from Batam trip

Well, I just got back from Batam just yesterday night. There's nothing much to describe actually; it feels like a poorer area compared to singapore of course, but overall it's not so bad. At least in town areas, traffic control is quite good, much better than what I've experienced in Shanghai.

Stuff there is cheap, as long as you don't count international brands. A can of Heineken cost less than S$2 per can. In fact I had trouble spending the S$50 I changed. There wasn't really anything I want to buy there (ya I'm a lousy shopper); I ended up spending on stuff like arcades and movies. Speaking of movies, it only costs like S$5 there. Also, it's nice to see popcorn at theaters costing what they should cost in my opinion.

Although shopping there is quite boring, aside from the long lost A&W outlets that were gone from Singapore for years, I still had a fairly enjoyable time there since I got the chance to loosen up and get drunk. The resort we stayed in (Harris) is actually pretty good IMO, and it is always a good experience to see what other countries are like.

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