Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Going back to GGAC?

After spend an evening playing GGAC at prinnyd00d's house, and watching old SBO vids axel brought over, maybe I should go back to playing it. As it stands now, BBCS seems a bit 'borked' atm. It doesn't really feel right dying to a Ragna or Bang who can do 3.5k+ combos with their eyes closed. It doesn't really feel right playing them to kill people either, though its fun now and then...but that's another rant for another time.

I'm kinda glad that some of the BBCS players here are expressing interest to playing GGAC. I really don't mind going back; I missed spending hours at home practicing combos and setups. I'm thinking of picking up some Venom, hence the combo video above, though I have no idea if those are even applicable on real play since I really haven't seen them being used before.

Still the setups are quite insane.

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