Saturday, January 30, 2010

Haruhi Special Supply Set が手に入った!

On Thursday, I randomly accessed Facebook from my office and randomly did a search on Rapid Culture. There I saw it: The Weiss Schwarz Special Haruhi Supply Set for S$115. Cursing at my stay-in status and the fact that the time taken from my camp to city will take 2 hours at least, I made the humanly correct but otakuly wrong decision to wait till my Friday bookout, even considering that the Nanoha version of the set has already sold out.

Well, of course I didn't leave it at that. I called Rapid Culture on the same day to find out if they have any stock left, which they apparently have quite a few left, so I left it at that.

Well, that's another $120 gone lol. Nevertheless, I was very happy to obtain it; my inner otaku screaming in joy. It's quite a bundle: 2 boosters, Haruhi sleeves, Yuki sleeves, Mikuru sleeves (all came with their PRs), a small 4 piece card album, a DIY card box and a playmat.

And there I was, kidding myself that I would get a foil if I'm lucky. Well, not only do I get a foil, it's yet another Yuki foil! That makes the 4th Yuki foil I have! *sigh* Yuki must've really liked me ^^

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