Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Well, looking back at this post, its kinda amazing what I've been through this year, jumping from camp to camp, vocation to vocation. Well, it's only 6 more months before the end of everything.

2009 was a blur to me, since I spend most of my time in camp. News came to me very slowly (and I already suck at getting them) and more often than not I felt as if nothing is happening out there. It's only towards the end of the year when I suddenly obtained more access to the internet than usual that I started posting more. Thinking about it, that's when the blog actually got revamped.

About this blog, I'm not really happy with the current design tbh. It feels small and constrained. I'm forced to lower every 560-width youtube embeds to 425-width and cut every paragraph that are more than 5 lines on the post editor so that the post doesn't seem wordy.

Getting a new desktop really killed my X360. I feel as if it is at the bottom of the food chain right now; PC > PS3 > X360. If my dad hadn't taken the Wii to US, it would slot nicely between PS3 and X360 just because it actually has exclusives. Well, having an arcade stick for my X360 means I'm forced to play my fighting games on it, so it'll last for now thankfully.

About what I'm doing, I'm going back to playing the piano. It's been a very long time since I seriously practiced. Hopefully, I can get to upgrade my theory certs to 8 soon. Also, I'm trying to figure out what I need exactly for video capturing on consoles/PC. I've always been thinking of taking down vids for a long time now, and I should start doing it soon before it bugs me again

Well, hopefully 2010 is a better year. Things have been looking up towards the end of 2009 and I hope it stays that way. Now the question is whether I can get into a U. And even so, do I still want to study computer sciences in the first place (since my diploma is related)?

Sometimes I hate decisions like these. It makes you feel like you checkmated yourself.

If I have resolutions for this year, they are:
1) Play more piano
2) ORD
3) Get a video cam
4) Record videos
5) Get into a U??
6) Play more games

Not that I will actually do them, considering what I resolve to do (and ended up failing anyways) the past years. I mean, I made 4 last year and failed like 3 of them? I think, at least, these 6 resolutions are pretty safe for me to execute :)

Here's to a happier 2010, and best wishes and etc to everyone ^^

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