Friday, June 25, 2010

Fever, part II

Apparently, I'm not well yet. Despite consuming all the medicine, the fever came back, with cough. The fever's not really that bad, not as bad as the first time, but the cough is ridiculously brutal, brutal enough for me to vomit 50% of the time I start coughing. It's that bad. I don't think I wanted to see a doctor so badly.

I suspect it's due to the antibiotics I was given the first time. My vomit tasted a bit like it. I was wondering what could be in my body that's so familiarly bitter.

Anyway, from 2 medicines, I've tier'ed up for taking 7 different kinds of medicine. Half of them 'may cause drowsiness' so I had better be able to get some kind of sleep this time. Also, I don't think I was this heavy on medication before.

The 7 medicines:
1) Cementin for Gastric
2) Vacontil for Diarrhea
3) Maxolon for Vomiting
4) Cycin, Antibiotics
5) Anarex (haha we meet again), painkiller
6) Dhasedyl/Britalin, the liquid dark brown cough mixture everyone loves
7) Lacteol Fort, for my stomach I guess. Why is the name so yandao?

Zzz, now I'm given strict orders to stay home and avoid dairy products. Why doesn't this ever happen during my army days? =(

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