Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nintendo's E3 press conference 2010 comments

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Okay I spent most of my afternoon getting my ass off to finally watching Nintendo's 2010 E3 press conference. Since I know that Wii MotionPlus and the 3DS is up-and-coming, I'm quite interested to know if Nintendo has more to offer.

In summary, Nintendo really nailed this year's E3. It almost looked as if Nintendo brought out all their available guns and reserves to the party AND more this year. No joke. You are seeing familiar titles like Mario, Zelda and Metroid as well as titles that are at least 5 years or more in the making like GoldenEye, Kirby and Donkey Kong.

First part of the video basically introduces the upcoming Zelda title. God this series never ever runs out of ideas don't they? Apparently, Zelda: Skyward Sword, is going to take advantage of the new Wii MotionPlus upgrade. There were some hiccups in the demonstration but I won't doubt that it will be a great game when delivered. Since when Zelda ever failed?

Part 2 began with some new Mario sports games, WiiParty (looks like Mario Party with Miis), Just Dance 2, mostly bleh stuff. Then Golden Sun: Dark Dawn flashed on the screen and you can hear the cheers. GoldenEye was announced right after that and even more cheers erupted. I missed the GoldenEye era but I know it's one of THE N64 game to play at that time.

The entire last 7 minutes were spent talking about this. Wow, it's almost a year since that blog post. Anyway, Epic Mickey looks pretty good on screen, though I'm not too sure about the gameplay idea though. I dunno, it just leaves me skeptical.

The start of part 3 sent me waves of shudders when I saw the really pink and happy Kirby on the screen. Nothing could prepare me for what Reggie was about to show on screen: Kirby's Epic Yarn. The idea was plain genius! I wish I could develop a game like that. Everything looked so darn polished to beautiful that it made me regret not having a Wii.

Before I keep ranting about how I wish I can develop a game like that, we move on. Reggie then goes ahead to talk about the sequel for Dragon Quest IX. It made me wish that I have more DS users around my area.

Of course, not forgetting Metroid: Other M, the next adventure Samus is embarking, coming in stores August 31st, but what really made everyone happy was listening to the music right after that. Nintendo ACTUALLY decided to REVIVE an age-old franchise: Donkey Kong. It was completely nostalgic. I probably haven't heard that tune since primary school. So great to see Donkey Kong in Hi-res colors. Even the sound effects remained the same!

Then 3DS starts to take the stage, with Reggie mentioning how horrible it is wearing glasses to watch 3D and buying one pair of glasses per person. Iwata then came on stage talking about how long Nintendo has been trying to achieve this (yes they had, even had some console that didn't make it).

One thing to take note that is Iwata said that the 3DS is able to play 3D movies, though there are no concrete plans yet. So far, he confirms, that we are able to watch a movie from Dreamworks (How to Train your Dragon), Warner Bros (Legend of the Guardians), and Disney (Tangled!).

Part 4 unveils Project Sora, a 'secret' project Iwata started to take full advantage of the 3DS. It is actually Kid Icarus: Uprising. If you actually know, or searched, Kid Icarus first released on NES. It's quite amazing how the main theme got preserved until now. Who would've thought?

Next we skip to Nintendogs + cats. No comments on that one since I kinda like both...well, maybe more to cats. Hey! No comments! Iwata then talks about some wireless features for 3DS, as well as introducing the third party companies who will be releasing their games on 3DS release (all the fanboys screaming for joy at SE's Kingdom Hearts and Level5). Then we were shown a clip of the third party developer's reactions to the 3DS. You gotta love Hideo Kojima's.

Well, that pretty much sum's up Nintendo's 2010 E3 press conference. Wait, why am I summarizing it again?

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