Monday, June 21, 2010

[Touhou] Labyrinth of Touhou, Youmu Boss Fight 3F

I finally managed to upload this in HD after several several several several attempts. Please double click the video above to access the widescreen in Youtube, don't watch from here.

So a quick overview: This is my first game video I have recorded on FRAPS. This is Labyrinth of Touhou, a game that plays very similarly to Etrian Odyssey and other JRPG dungeon crawlers. It's easily available; just google it. I hope my random comments at the top of the video makes it stand out from the rest ^^

I omitted the audio because it lags the recording badly. The songs I've inserted are actually original rips from the stage and boss theme of Youmu herself at the Perfect Cherry Blossom game.

Video description:
The first hard fight in Labyrinth of Touhou, and also the first multiple target boss fight. Youmu has around 28k hp and Myon has 8.8k hp. My save file got deleted before I could check but my characters were around level 10-13 at most (Chen being the level 13 one). I know I'm under leveled for this fight, but it's proven that she can be defeated at those levels.

Audio Tracks:
Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When?
Ancient Temple

Both are the original versions from Perfect Cherry Blossom, Stage 5. Both are easily google-able.

-----Boss Details------

Myon has 3 attacks, one of which is a group poison spell that could really screw up everything. The other 2 are mildly annoying at most.

Youmu has 5 abilities in total:
- God Slash of Karma Wind: An AE attack. This one can wipe your casters easily if you are not careful. She does this when Myon or her is at low health
- Slash of Eternity: This one is a real pain. It could nearly kill your tanks and will definately kill anyone else if you are unlucky. She does this when Myon or her are at low health
- Cherry Blossom Slash: Standard AE attack. Shouldn't hurt if you are barriered.
- Present Life Slash: Standard single target attack; shouldn't be much trouble since she usually attacks your tanks with it.
- Focus: Increases her MND. This move has a huge delay so attack her as much as you can after she does it. Could also mean she's ready to do her big damage moves.

---General Strategy-----

At this point it should be pretty straightforward, since there isn't much choices of characters
Remilia - Tepes and nuke, tank
China - Self heal, cures, tank
Marisa - Magic missile dps, Master Spark does really bad damage even with concentrate for its SP (MM does 1.5k, MS + Con does 3.5k+) =/
Patchy - Holy Flare
Chen - Idaten Idaten Idaten!
Cirno - AE slow
Minoriko - heal and cures. Too bad she died too fast in this video.
Sakuya - AE Haste


I think youmu really hates Minoriko. This isn't the first time she tries to God Slash of Karma Wind her the moment she got switched in =/

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