Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dubs + Cosplay = Death Star + Alderaan

Dubs. Don't you just HATE it? Don't you just want to run away and flush your head into the sewers after hearing them? Don't you want to shoot yourself? Honestly, those thoughts went through my mind whenever I hear my japanese-made anime characters talking in English.

Call me an elitist or whatever, but hearing cosplayers talking in English is a complex feeling filled with hatred, pain, anger and insanity. I cringed, died, revived, crawled, and repeated this process all the way from the 'line of hearing' radius of cosplayers conversing in English on stage with a loud microphone. Yes, it was that painful for me. I would've taken a video of one such example, but I doubt I can last more than 3 whole seconds of recording.

Asked everyone what's their thoughts on such cosplay scenes and results are quite negative. Maybe I'm targeting the wrong audience to ask? Maybe I should've asked the (alot) more casual anime fans. For me I wouldn't have a thought cus I'm already dead and trying to respawn.

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