Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Saimoe Tourney 2009 results!

Wow, I'm a little slower than I thought :P

Stumbled upon this result on Sakaku Complex. Looks like our loli tsundere Palmtop Tiger Taiga from "Toradora!" bested Yui Hirasawa from the recently popular moe anime "K-On!"

Results for all brackets can be found here . I'll briefly go through them below + some thoughts though I don't even watch some of the animes:

Group A winner: Yuuki Kataoka from Saki (tacos!).
Nothing surprising in this bracket. The moe ones managed to get one step up the round as expected.

Group B winner: Isumi Saginomiya from Hayate no Gotoku
I'm actually surprised that catgirl Kana Ikeda managed to beat Tsukasa AND Fuuko (starfish girl!). Proves that having nekomimi gives you an edge. Too bad Isumi has a floodload of moe moments.

Group C winner: Louise De La Valliere from Zero's Familiar
Looks like someone finally noticed Momoko! She went through 2 Clannad casts too, although it's not really that surprising.

Group D winner: Koromo Amae from Saki
By the time I got here, I already got the feeling Saki is more popular than I originally thought it was. No one cares about Bundou though lol. And I need to finish watching Shugo Chara!

Group E winner: Yui Hirasawa from K-ON!
Hinagiku Katsura from Hayate no Gotoku barely lost to Yui by only less than 20 votes! Sadly I'm not really a Hinagiku fan so I would love to Yui anyway. Minori was no match for Yui's moe-ness. Yui just makes too many cute faces in K-On!

Group F winner: Taiga Aisaka from Toradora!
Come to think of it, this is Palmtop Taiga vs Azu-nyan. Isn't it like tiger vs cat? Anyways, Taiga won by a landslide for the whole bracket; more than 100 votes for each round. Poor Nagisa and Maria. Perhaps if they were in other brackets it would be better for them.

Group G winner: Mihoko Fukuji from Saki
Not much to comment. It's rather expected, though I thought furry-ears would have an edge.

Group H winner: Nodoka Haramura from Saki
Some might know by now if you read my previous statement that I'm not a Hinagiku fan that I'm actually a Sanzenin Nagi fan. I would undoubtedly vote for Nagi, since I'm not really a Nodoka fan either. Still, it was rather close: less than 20 votes difference. And what is Angol Moa from Sgt Frog doing here.

As you can see, 4 of the 8 finalists were from Saki, though they were wiped out by Yui's cuteness and Taiga's tsundere. All in all, Taiga's win in this tourney was rather satisfying, considering that she a much deeper character than Yui, and the fact that she's a super-tsundere probably boosted her moe level to insane heights. By a super-tsundere, I mean that she can be incredibly fierce, and incredibly shy and moe.

Below are two clips from Toradora, as a tribute to Taiga:

And of course, the epic kiss scene at the end of the anime(spoilers!) that probably bowled every otaku over.

Of course not forgetting Yui XD

Until the next Saimoe tourney! Hopefully I'll keep up with it next time!

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