Monday, October 26, 2009

My first Weiss Schwarz competition

I woke up Sunday morning with a huge headache, a headache that felt as if some microscopic organism is eating into my brain. Despite that, I got myself up and had a quick lunch before going to The Card Geeks at Sunshine Plaza, deck ready in my hand.

Since this is my first time, I didn't expect everything to go smoothly. Most of the stuff I do for the entire day can give people two conclusions: Either I'm trying to cheat, or I'm just plain inexperienced. I have deal the rather bad impression I thought I put up on myself but fortunately, the guys there are pretty friendly and understanding.

First mistake I did was registering 5 of the same cards. I didn't know there was a rule saying that there is a maximum of 4 of the same cards that can be registered into a deck. Regardless, I did a quick fix.

There are two mistakes I keep making during the game. Firstly, I keep forgetting to 'untap' my characters at the start of my turn and secondly, to consider my HP for what color cards I can summon. Honestly I apologize for this as having 1.0 HP doesn't happen very often for me, but happened like 3 times during the competition. Luckily the judges and the more experienced players are there to pick out the mistakes.

I don't know how I managed to win 3 matches out of 4 though. 1st guy (Huan Da?) had like 3 3/2 10000 power cards in my face against my 1 of the same card and a couple of 2/2 8500 power card. At the last desperate attempt, I barely managed to defeat him by dealing just enough damage (also thanks to a lucky +1 damage trigger card).

2nd guy (Nicholas?) was rather stressful. I could just say he has better luck than me. No matter how hard or soft I hit him, he will reversal almost everything. I haven't even seen the power of his deck, if he has any, but it doesn't matter since I can't touch his HP anyways.

3rd guy (Terrence?) was pretty okay, mainly because he mixed his Idolmaster deck with Phantom (got the feeling they don't really go well...), but amazingly he made it to the top 4! Damn good!

4th guy (can't remember >.<) was quite madpiss. I cleared his field the whole game, but for some reason, he's hitting me harder than I am to him. He spams the +2 soul climax cards like mad and quickly bumped me up to level 2, but I managed to break even and beat him. Good thing my climax cards are seperated, or his build would've killed me fast.

The 2 guys I fought for finals are: Terrance and the funny guy who loves my Etna 0/0 3000 power card whose name I cannot remember >.< (ごめん。。). He was damn tough as his deck revolves around 3 kinds of cards which he can pull out if he wants as long as he has the cost. The same formation of cards appeared in front of me for both games. Basically his support each gives his front card +1000 power each I think, and his front cards are 2/2 8500 power cards WITH ENCORE (discard one card from hand to revive instead of 3 stock).

Terrance(?) had bad luck against me I guess. I saw him giving short sighs and long considerations, and still didn't get the cards he needed. He did show me a nice combo with one of the Phantom cards though, so I might take it into consideration.

So that's about wraps everything up. I really had tons of fun, even when I lost. I guess that's because I told myself that I'm playing this for fun and not let losing get me down, since this game indeed has some luck involved. I'm still surprised at my luck this tourney, but perhaps because I brought Joel's lucky charm with me. Thanks Joel, it really worked XD Pictures to be added soon.