Wednesday, October 7, 2009

X360 vs PS3 caa 011009

You know a couple of years ago, X360 dominated the 3rd generation console wars. It displayed better graphics than the PS3, better multiplayer support than the PS3, and even more useful gimmicks than the PS3. Even worse, X360 has more games to look out for compared to the PS3.

Back then, X360 had all its cards in its hands. Tales of Vesperia and Star Ocean 4 claimed to be X360 exclusive (which is like giving their fans a slap). Gears of War series was one of the most crazy and action-packed FPS's to date, and Halo what a trump card that was. Sales went off the fucking charts on release. This CAD comic displays how popular Halo 3 was (still is I guess).

What the heck did PS3 have back then? Metal Gear Solid 4, and...Disgaea 3?

But that was then. PS3 fans and several other people predicted that PS3 will rise late. One of the key reasons why X360 had better graphics than PS3 then was because X360 has DirectX. Everyone who programmed games on PC can easily program them on X360. PS3, like PS2, is a bitch to program. Secondly, most people have their PS3 display settings set to 'Limited' (which is the default) when it should've been 'Full'. I can't find the source saying that GameTrailer's PS3/X360 comparions have its PS3 set to 'Limited' and calling their videos an 'unfair comparion' though.

But that is just the graphics. Suddenly we see a new wave of X360 'exclusives' released on PS3 WITH MORE GAMEPLAY. What the heck? It makes X360 seemed as if it was only used as a beta testing console!

For instance:
Tales of Vesperia was announced with a new character (pirate loli Patty) and the famous Flynn being usable as a party character (I'm sure everyone wants that), as well as new combat mechanics. Of course there are minor stuff like having Repede walking around with your character in the game world.

Star Ocean 4 is doing the exact same thing as Tales, though I'm not too sure about what changes are important or not since I haven't played it (holy shit I should play now!).

Then we have Arkham Asylum. The main reason why I bought the PS3 version over the X360 version was because it PS3 has a free DLC which allows you to play as The Joker.

Now we have Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Okay, there was already Sigma 1, but that doesn't really count because it's an old Xbox game (2nd gen) port to a PS3 (3rd gen).

Things seemed to pick up for the PS3 recently, so from here on it's gonna become an even fight. X360 STILL have some exclusives lined up, but as far as japanese-based games go, PS3 is going to have an advantage. It isn't surprising actually if you considered X360 sales in Japan compared to PS3. With all the japanese otakus buying the PS3, I can't help but wonder if this had any effect to the 'betrayal' of companies that made japanese X360 then-exclusive games.

So from now on, don't ask me if "X360 is better or PS3 is better?" It really depends on what you want. Back then I would say "X360 unless you want MGS4" but that answer doesn't hold today.

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