Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday wrappup

Thanks for the very active saturday, which started off with just me driving around Tanah Merah for my driving lesson. Which proceeded to going to Sunshine Plaza for some Weiss Schwarz.

Finally this week, I won some Weiss Schwarz matches, the first I have ever won in my whole life. Of course, some of them are really close and can be down to the wire unlucky finishes, but it's all in good fun.

We all have to take note of the new Canaan decks. There's some really crazy 2-3 card combo which can destroy your entire front row cards easily and at the same time, deal crazy damage to your hp. That match I played with Taku (the Canaan deck owner) totally raped me. I think I barely got him to level 3 only by last minute suiciding before I died the next turn. Crazy stuff.

Good matches to Joel, whom I beat only because I'm luckier than him this week lol. Good luck in Wallaby. I'll get you the Haruhi TD at AFA when it comes out.

Good matches to Chin Yong, who insanely already spent $240 in 2 days on his Nanoha deck. Looks like its getting stronger, so I have to wait on my Phantom Box to arrive. I don't think I can win him with the same strat over and over, which my deck is only good at it now.

Then thanks to Ryan for spending some time to eat(teach) me Starcraft and some totally random 1v1 DOTA. Let's see if I can play with those in Garena, but I have to fix my Starcraft problem first.

Console session end up with everyone being tired and maybe a little bored. Haha, I know because I'm a little tired myself. Anyway, everyone probably learnt many useless stuff about Blazblue on top of the few useful stuff I tried to tell everyone about. Tager is damn fun.

Hmm seems like end of month is going to get better and better, aside of the advent of clerk duty(the horror!). End of November for AFA, and December got Christmas and Little Akiba trip! XD

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