Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Review: "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare"

I didn't really like the Call of Duty series previously since I don't find it fun to run around (yet another) Omaha Beach map, carrying age old weapons like Thompsons, and driving age old vehicles which I can't recognize. I admit that I have less interest towards FPS's in general, so I usually do not give them a chance unless someone recommends me or I chance upon one of its videos which I don't usually search for (just chanced).

I can't remember which of these reasons got me into COD4, probably because of the hype and also because it has "Modern Warfare" as its suffix. Inferring from that, I assumed I would get to play in urban terrain with cool modern weapons and equipment. I loved urban warfare a lot, probably due to having some small exposure of it in the army, so I was curious and checked it out. 'Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare' did not disappoint.

Night mission as "Soap"

I'm going to start off with Single Player, since I spent most of my time playing it. You play as two characters in the Single Player: Sergeant Paul Jackson of USMC and "Soap" MacTavish of SAS. What's great about the Single Player is that you are thrown into quite a number of perspectives.

Although most of the time you will be playing "Soap" and Paul, there are instances where to get to play as a completely different character, like Price when he was young and the gunner of a AC-130 Gunship. It breaks the monotony of the game. Aside from that are also the very well plotted missions. My personal favourite, and possibly everyone's, was the mission where you play as a younger Captain Price in a sniper mission. Another good mission was the one where you play as Paul to stop a nuke from blowing. There's a small little 'Black Hawk Down' section (aka save the pilot) there.

I liked all the technology in this game, maybe its because some of them seemed familiar because of my experience in the army. Modern equipments include the M203 extension, Night Vision Googles, gully suit, Red Dot Sight (laser), C4, the legendary AK-47 and many more. It's also fun calling for air support to attack a position.

Multiplayer seemed a bit RPG'ish in some sense. There are two things that set apart COD4's Multiplayer with other FPS's. One is PERKS and the other is the SUPPORT.

Omg it's an RPG!

As you level up in multiplayer (by racking up kills online), you will be given access to new weapons, new perks, new kits as well as the ability to create a customized kit. Perks include abilities and equipments. Perks vary in abilities, from increasing the amount of special grenades you can carry (stun/flashbang), to increasing the damage of your bullets, to allowing you to run twice as long.

Support abilities are one-time abilites that you get over the course of a game. They are all obtain from the kill-streak that you have. For example, having 3-kill streak (kill 3 opponents without dying) awards you with the ability to scan the map for enemies for your team. Having 5-kill streak awards you with the ability to call an air-strike. The list goes on...

About mechanics, nothing strays too far away from the common FPS except that this game allows you to throw back nearby grenades away from you. It's very useful, especially since grenades kill you most of the time in Single Player. The AI in this game is rather smart, knowing how to seek cover, and even flank you (I only played up to Hardcore mode though). If you throw yourself into the middle of the battlefield, you'll just be eating bullets all around you and you will have no idea where 90% of them comes from before you die.

Overall I had a great time playing COD4 which it lasted. Most people like this game because of its setting, being so closely related to us. Then again, there are people who wants to escape reality via games, so I guess this game might not be for them.

NeetGeek gives "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare":8/10

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